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were can i get my battery warranty at in bullhead city az

Hello, thank you for your email. What kind of battery do you have please? We offer different batteries and they come with various warranties. Typically you would need to have your paid receipt and you would return to your point of purchase for the claim...

I just bought 2 dc24mf batteries for my RV. Do they need to be charged before use. I have a 12 volt, 10 amp charger. How long should it take to charge.

All batteries come charged and ready to be installed.

Should my sealed CB6-224 6V 224Ah battery make bubbles out the top?

Hi, it should not, it's a sealed battery and should not leak. Please have it checked at your local battery dealer, or click the link below to find one: https://www.batterysystems.net/pointofsale

How old is my battery? V2S15UKQ3 A190326

Your battery was manufacture in March 26, 2019. A - Batch code, 19 - Year 2019, 03 - Month, 26 - Day.

Battery is not working after being in our trailer after a few months parked.... how do we open it and check water level?

Hello, I suggest taking it to your local battery store to have it properly checked for water level as well as capacity. You may check the closest storefront by entering your ZIP on the link below: https://www.batterysystems.net/pointofsale Thank...

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