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How can I get the most cycles out of my Centennial Deep Cycle Battery?

A Centennial Deep Cycle Battery, when properly maintained and charged, should deliver more than 200 deep discharges. Keep your battery clean and free of corrosion. Use baking soda or battery cleaner (available from your Centennial retailer). Flush entirely with water. (A wire brush is sometimes helpful.)

Check the water level frequently, especially before charging. If the level is low, add sufficient distilled water to cover the plates. After charging bring the water level up, if necessary, no higher than the bottom of the vent walls. DO NOT OVERFILL. Distilled water is best for long life, but if unavailable, it is better to use good drinking water than nothing at all. Remember..... if a portion of the plate gets dry, it loses much, if not all, of its capacity.

Follow the suggested charging guidelines.

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