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I'm in Burlington, NJ. and looking for the Centennial CB6-250 batteries. where is a dealer in the Philadelphia area? and can you check stock ?

Hello, Our closest branch from your location is our Philadelphia storefront, please see below for contact details: Philadelphia PA Battery Systems 221 King Manor Dr Unit 2 King Of Prussia Pennsylvania 19406-2502 ☎ 610-269-0429 ✉ C1940@gocbs....

who is the dealer in klamath falls oregon

Hello, We do not have a branch in Klamath Falls, the closest is in Medford: Medford OR Battery Systems 2770 Crater Lake Hwy Medford Oregon 97504 ☎ 541-245-0500 ✉ C9750@gocbs.com Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm Thank you

Should I equalize CB6 400 battiest I use in a solar power system? If so, how often and how long. Thanks

Hello, Battery equalization is only applicable for flooded batteries. The CB6-400 is AGM and does not have a lot of electrolyte in them. Equalizing a flooded battery will result in the plates drying out. Thank you

I need to know the manufacture date on DC24MF in my RV. Don’t see anything obvious on the tops. They are installed in the stairwell and I can’t see the sides.

Hello, Date codes are usually found on the top or side of the battery, and is a combination of a letter/letters and numbers. If you are unable to see it, please refer to our closest branch for other means to check the battery date code. https://...

Where can I purchase centennial batteries?

Hello, Our Centennial batteries are widely available throughout our branches nationwide. To check the closest branch, please follow the link below and enter your ZIP code: https://www.battsys.com/pointofsale Thank you

Warranty on deep cycle Group 24 maintenance free battery

Hello, We carry several Group 24 maintenance free batteries, and warranty depends on the manufacturer. Below is a list of our Group 24 batteries: https://www.battsys.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Group+24 Battery specs and warranty information...

how to tell age of my dc24mf battery.

Hello, Date codes are usually stamped on the top or the side of the battery. Example: C221028 C = Batch code, 22 = Year 2022, 10 = Month, and 28 = Day. Thank you

C u1L 6 pricing and availability?

Hello, Here's the battery: https://www.battsys.com/centennial-commercial-lawn-garden-battery-c-u1l-6-group-u1 Thank you

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