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My Zamp Solar controller has battery type options of LiFePO4, LTO, Gel, AGM, WET and Calcium. What would be the proper setting for a pair of DC27MF batteries? Thanks.

Hello and thank you for your inquiry. The DC27MF battery is maintenance free but it is still considered a WET flooded battery. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

With infrequent use of dinghy my last wet 24 battery was never charged but kept clean and distilled water added. It lasted 8 years. Does the Cen. DC 24 MF absolutely require recharging ?

Hello, yes all batteries require charging to ensure you get the longest lifespan out of your battery. Its always recommended to put your battery on a trickle charger if it sits for long periods of time. The trickle charger will notice when the battery...

How do I determine the manufacture date of my group 27 battery?

Hello, the manufacture date codes that are stamped in the case of the battery vary depending on the manufacture. Each code is different as its not an industry set code. Do you know which battery you and I can try and get you details on manufacture date...

Where are flooded marine/rv deep cycle batteries manufactured.

Hello and thank you for your inquiry. We have a couple different battery suppliers depending on where you are located in the USA. Do you have a specific part number you are looking for and I can find out who the manufacture is for you?

can I check the electrlyte in my B31 commercial battery?

Hello, I would need to know the actual part number on the battery to know the manufacture. Some manufactures have removeable caps on the top so you can check the acid and some now make maintenance free cases so there would be vents on the side. Im not...

Are they sealed or do they need to be vented?

Hello, which part number are you inquiring about please? Some of the brands we carry are flooded with removeable caps and some of the brands the cases come maintenance free but are still flooded. If you can let us know which battery you are asking about...

I have two of these batteries hooked up to my 5thWheel. One battery started overheating and steaming out of one of the vents. The other battery did not heat up. What do you think the cause of that is? Thank you?

Hello, there a several reasons why your battery could've overheated. Bad terminal connection, short circuit, forced charging and heating up the battery too much. I would check the connection or take your battery to get checked out and see if there could...

I am going to use the GC2000P batteries in my solar system. I need to know the inverter settings for a 3 stage charging system for 12v. Thanks

The following is the charging recommendation and charging profile using 2 stage chargers for deep cycle products. The 3rd stage would be the Optional float charge *Equalization and float charge modes are not considered to be one of the stages in a...

Who is your Dealer in San Diego?

We have a storefront in San Diego. Here is their contact info. 11870 Community Rd Ste. 230 Poway California 92064 ☎ 619-258-7050 ✉ SanDiego@batterysystems.net

How do you determine the battery age ? Date code on the battery: V3V5DM04DC Model: CB12-85 Deep cycle M6[12V85AH/20HR]

For this particular battery brand, this is how you read the date code: Alpha = packing line at factory Numbers 1,2 = year Numbers 3,4 = month Numbers 5,6 = day of the month

How do I proceed regarding a battery that did not make it through it's warranty period?

Hello, thank you for reaching out. What type of battery did you purchase? Warranty varies depending on the battery. Also, do you have your receipt for proof of purchase?

Is a Group 7012 volt battery maintenance free?

Depending on where you are located, we do purchase from a few manufactures and some of them offer maintenance free cases but they are still considered flooded batteries.

what color should it be if charged?

Hello, without knowing details on your charger, typically the lights are green and red but it can vary. I would recommend locating the manual that goes with your specific charger to see what the light indicators mean.

What is the warranty on the CB12-115 AGM Battery? Looking at installing these in my 2018/2019 Winnebago Revel.

The warranty on the CB12-115 is 24 months free replacement based on manufacturer defects.

Do I need to equalize these batteries I have 16 On a 48 V system

Hello, what batteries are you inquiring about please so we can get you the correct information from the manufacturer?

Where are centennial car batteries sold in SLC utah

We have a branch in Salt Lake City. Please let me know which battery you are inquiring about and I can check their stock and send you over our online pricing. 1760 West Redwood Depot Ln Suite #4 Salt Lake City Utah 84104

what kind of water should be used to top up cells on a GC2200P 6v deep cycle

Always use distilled water to top up a lead acid battery.


For store locations, please click the link below and provide your ZIP code: https://www.batterysystems.net/pointofsale

Closest dealer, paris Idaho or Logan Utah

For store locations, please click the link below and provide your ZIP code: https://www.batterysystems.net/pointofsale

I have a Centennial automotive 24F-75 battery with 630 CCA. It’s dated 10-2018. I don’t know off hand wear we got it, but it’s no good. The paperwork is buried in a box as we just moved. I need to know how I get the warranty replacement asap so my wife can drive her car again. There’s 23 months left in the warranty. I’ve called several times and left messages that have not been returned. It’s been dead for a week now and my wife would like to drive her car again.

Hi, the 24F-75 carries a 24 month full warranty, and 75 months of prorated warranty. To file a claim, please contact our closest storefront by clicking the link below: https://www.batterysystems.net/pointofsale

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