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what does the code G9 mean on the top of battery

Hello, the G9 date code sticker would indicate that the battery was sold in July of 2019.

what does the code G9 mean on top of battery.

Hello, the G9 date code sticker would indicate that the battery was sold in July of 2019.

what is code K5

Hello, the K5 date code sticker would indicate that it was purchase in or around October of 2015.

What does the E4 sticker on my battery signify?

Hello, the E4 sticker on your battery would indicate a date code of May, 2014.

what does J8 mean?

Great Question: A J8 date code sticker indicates that your battery was purchased in or around July of 2018.

What does d6 mean on my batteries is that dec 2016 ??

Hello, D6 is the date code. It would mean April 2016. Thank you!

need an address to your company so we can add to our source control drawing. we are using cb12-210.

Hello, we have lots of locations, are you planning on placing an order for the CB12-210? If you let me know where you are located, I can check stock at a location near you and send you the address as well. thank you!

What are the physical specs for your 12 v 18 AmpHour SLA-PS battery?

Hello, here are the spec you requested. SKU CB12180 Manufacturer Centennial Battery Weight 11.030000 Length 7.13 Width 3.03 Height 6.57 Voltage 12 Volt Amp Hour @ 20HR Rate 18 Ah Chemistry Sealed Lead Acid AGM Terminals F3 Warranty (Months...

Our CB12-200 AGM batteries, mfg in Vietnam, have a stamp on top that says C221028. Is this mfg date and if not how do we determine mfg date?

Hello, yes C221028 is the date code. C = Batch code, 22 = Year 2022, 10 = Month, and 28 = Day.

Do I need to add electrolyte or distilled water to CB6-224 6V 224Ah batteries?

Hello, the CB6-224 is a sealed AGM battery, no top up is needed.

I'm guessing date sticker ? "C18" ?

Hi, yes that date code reads March 2018.

Centennial battery systems, Deep Cycle Power, RV/marine battery. Does a round yellow sticker with "G8" mean the battery was manufactured in July 2018? Battery Group Size is a DC24MF. CCA is MCA: 915.

Hello, Yes, the letter indicates the month, and the number is the last digit of the year it was manufactured.

Ampere (A)

A unit of measurement for electron flow or current through an electrical circuit. (Amp = Volt / Ohm)

Ampere-Hour (AH)

A unit of measurement for electron flow or current through an electrical circuit for a certain period of time. (Ampere X Hour = Ampere-Hour).


In a lead acid battery, it is a dilute solution of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and water.


A tool used to measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte solution.

Ohm (Ω)

A unit of measurement for electrical resistance within an electrical circuit. ( Ohm = Volt / Ampere )

Ohm's Law

Expresses the relationship between voltage ( volts ), current ( amperes ), and resistance ( ohms ). (Ohms = Volts / Amperes).

Open Circuit Voltage

The voltage of a battery when there is no load attached ( not receiving or delivering energy). This measurement is best taken when the battery has been at rest for at least 6 hours.

Parallel Connection

A method of wiring batteries together by connecting the positive terminal of the first battery to the positive terminal of the second and the negative terminal of the first to the negative of the second. The capacity for batteries connected in parallel becomes additive, while the voltage remains the same as the individual battery.

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